What does Family for LIFE offer mothers and fathers who have had abortions?

                    HOPE … and … HELP

Why?  Because these post-abortive mothers and fathers are



They are our brothers and sisters!

We understand that when they had their abortion they may not have had:


    ·       A personal relationship with God.

    ·       A familial support system.

    ·       A sufficient understanding that what was terminated was the LIFE of their Unborn baby.


 Many post-abortive parents are suffering from:

    ·       Grief (mild to profound)

    ·       Depression (sometimes to the point of suicidal thoughts and attempts)

    ·       A sense of alienation from family and friends

    ·       A feeling of being ‘numb,’ not able to feel joy from activities that used to be pleasurable

    ·       Isolating self from others to avoid discussing the abortion experience with them

    ·       Guilt and shame

    ·       Difficulty concentrating

    ·       Anger toward self, or the child’s father, or others involved in the abortion decision

    ·       Sleep disorders

    ·       Abortion-related nightmares, flashbacks or even sounds of a baby crying

    ·       Alcohol and drug problems, to dull the sorrow

    ·       Desire for a ‘replacement’ baby

    ·       Anniversary reactions of grief or depression on the date of the abortion or the baby’s expected due date

    ·       Problems bonding with her other children (being over-protective but emotionally distant)

    ·       Fear that God will punish her, or is punishing her


We offer post-abortive parents:

    ·       Jesus Christ and His loving plan for their salvation.

    ·       Christian LOVE as described in 1 Corinthians 13: 1-13

    ·       The many FREE resources offered for “crisis pregnancies” found at http://www.familyforlife.info/home/post-abortive-healing-resources


Why are these post abortive mothers and fathers precious to us?


    ·       God knit all of them in their mother’s womb and knows every hair on their heads!

    ·       God has called us to be the “light of the world”!

    ·       We love them as God loves us!

    ·       Because they are our FAMILY!