§  A nation which kills its own children is a nation without a future.

§  If we accept that a mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another?

§  One of the basic principles of the Christian Church is the sacredness of human life. We cannot sit still when there is even a hint of destruction of that life.

§  No Christian can responsibly take a pro-choice stand when the choice in question involves the taking of innocent human life...

§  The public deserves to know the facts about Planned Parenthood.

§  Women suffer the consequences of abortion for the rest of their lives.  A mother will never forget her child, whether the child is alive or dead.

§  For the future good of our children and families, Christians should defend themselves against Planned Parenthood's philosophy and values by every legal and ethical means at their disposal.

§  Jacksonville Christians must come out of our comfortable lifestyles now and must come out into the streets and into the public places and must shout the Gospel of Life from the rooftop  Be not afraid. Jesus Christ is with us.

§  We must be a voice for those who have no voice. Christians are that voice. Christians will continue to be that voice and will spread the message to others in our community. Christians must strongly support the dignity of life at all stages, but they must always do so peacefully and non-violently.

§  The clergy of our city have a particular responsibility to steer Christians away from both the philosophy and the practices of Planned Parenthood. Simply put, a Christian should have nothing to do with this organization. As the largest single source of abortions, Planned Parenthood bears responsibility for much of the grief and pain we see in post-abortion counseling. Planned Parenthood proclaims a view of human life and sexuality that could hardly be more foreign to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

§  If we keep silent and stand on the sidelines, this dark force will continue to spread and eventually destroy not only the lives of the unborn but even the moral fiber of our nation.

§  The move of Planned Parenthood near Wolfson high school is abhorrent and disturbing.  We must educate people on what Planned Parenthood is, what it is about, what the effects of abortion are. 

§  Christians should express their opposition to our city leaders about the proposed Planned Parenthood on Powers Avenue. The so-called "health and education services" to be provided in that facility would only destroy more human lives and promote promiscuous behavior on the part of young people. The time for saying "no" to Planned Parenthood in our community is now.

§  More than any other single organized group today, Planned Parenthood represents the hedonism and moral relativism which are fueling a "culture of death"

§  Family for LIFE asks all Christians not to use their services, not to belong to any of their boards, not to serve as a volunteer and not to be employed there.  In resigning your employment there, we will be happy to assist you in finding employment elsewhere so you will not be cooperating in these immoral practices and being a source of scandal both within and outside the Church and community.