6 Lives Saved -Saturday of Labor Day

Saturday of Labor Day weekend, the parking lot was FULL with moms who had appointments for abortions!

We talked to the ones we could. We told them, "What you do today will remain with you forever. Every Labor Day weekend, you will remember what you did today. Let it be a good memory. Let it be that you Chose LIFE!"



A grandmother (of the baby) and a mom had driven in and parked in the lot but never got out of the car. They sat in their car, with the window open, for one hour. We talked to them, on and off, first to the mom, how she had other options, how she didn't have to do this, how there were millions of couples who would love to adopt her baby, etc. Then we spoke to the grandmother, "Please don't let this happen to your grandchild. We can help you!" We felt we were talking to a wall!  No response, no gestures, they didn't even get out of the car. After an hour in the parking lot, they drove out, one smiling, the other crying, the baby ALIVE!


We saw a car with signs on it indicating that the owner was in the military. As soon as the dad parked the car, the mom got out and dashed into the building. However, the dad sat in the car, giving us an opportunity to tell him how ladies depend on men, etc. By his demeanor, we felt that he was not in favor of having an abortion. We told him that we realized he was in the military, that we knew he was a brave soldier who fights for our country and its women and children, and asked him to fight for this child. He got out of the vehicle and went into the facility. About an hour later, he and she and their baby drove out of the parking lot, BEFORE the doctor arrived!



This one is a little more complicated. A man drove in and out of the complex several times. He was alone and seemed somewhat frantic, like he was looking for something, someone. About 15 minutes later, he returned with a female passenger. They both entered the building and shortly afterward, they both exited the building. But, only he got in the car. He drove irately out of the complex. We looked back at the parking lot and saw the mom walking towards us. When she reached the sidewalk, she calmly told us that SHE had decided not to have the abortion and that HE was upset. She said to us, "Don't worry. He'll get over it!" When we asked if we could take her somewhere, since he had driven off without her, she explained that they had met in a parking lot a block away, because she didn't want to go the to abortion facility alone. He went with her to give her the encouragement she needed to abort. However, we were on the sidewalk to give her the prayers she needed to CHOOSE LIFE!



Another lady and a young girl left the complex.  When they reached the end of the driveway, we waved and asked if they are saving their baby? We told them that God loves them so much. Tears started coming down the lady's face. The young girl smiled. They drove away, all three of them!


A couple, dad and mom, stopped their car at the end of the driveway. Their windows were down. We asked, "Are you keeping your baby?" Dad said, "YES!" Then the mom said, "YES!" We told them how proud God is of them and how He will reward them for their decision. Their big smiles summed up the whole morning.



Another couple left BEFORE the doctor arrived. Their windows were up. So, we smiled and waved, letting them know, with our gestures, that God loves them and that we were there to let them know of His love.

What would have happened if no one had been on the sidewalk that Saturday morning?


SIX beautiful souls would not have been given the opportunity to live the LIFE God has destined for them.