Another  one of YOURS

How do you tell someone the joy that fills your heart and soul?  I've been sitting at my computer for at least an hour trying to put into words what happened at the abortion clinic this morning.  I can tell the "facts" but they do absolutely no justice to the story that we heard and the apparent joy that we saw on her face.....


Nine of us from Mary Queen of Heaven "took our post" at about 10:30 am today in front of the abortion clinic.  About 6 other faith-filled people arrived a bit later and stood on the opposite side of the abortion clinic driveway.  We saw no police car on duty nor did we see any activity at the clinic.  We prayed the Glorious Mysteries of the Rosary and then prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet.  We stood for a bit longer with our signs and walked a bit.  Then it was time to leave - about 11:30 am. 


As we walked past the driveway and were nearing the Pharmacy, a young woman called to us.  She was smiling and carrying a beautiful baby.  She stood on the inside of the fence, and we were on the street side of the fence.  We were all wondering what she was going to say to us.  She started to tell us her story....


A little over a year ago she said that she was a drug addict who was pregnant.  She came to the abortion clinic with $1,000.00 in her pocket and was ready to have an abortion.  She had an ultrasound and saw the heartbeat.  She said several times -  I saw the heartbeat!  She knew that she could not have the abortion.  That ultrasound changed her life around.  She went into rehab and delivered a beautiful baby boy.


 Her name is Amy and her son's name is Aiden.  She has been "clean" since that day she had the ultrasound.  She wanted to say "thank you" to us for caring to stand in support of Life.  We told her how beautiful her baby is and that she was a very strong mother to save her baby.  One of us gave her a rosary and another gave her a small stone that said "Babies are a Gift from Heaven".  She was so very happy.


It indeed was a "Glorious" Wednesday!