I Heard You Call My Name

The man got out of the car slowly, but the mom walked quickly to the door of the abortion facility.  

We could almost "see" the man listening as we told him how important it was for him to protect this child and the child's mother, how strong he looked and how God made him that way for a purpose. 

We told him that we were praying for him to make the right choice today, a choice that he could live with, a choice that he wouldn't regret.  Slowly, he walked to the door of the building. 

A few minutes later, he came out, went to the car and sat in the driver's seat.  He left the door open as if he were inviting us to talk more.  So we did. 

A post-abortive mother shared the pain she experiences every day from the abortion she had 22 years ago.  She held up her "I Regret My Abortion" sign so that he could see it. 

We saw the man walking towards us.  His walk to the sidewalk gave us time to pray to the Holy Spirit to give us the right words. 

We asked him if he was the father of the child.  He said that he didn't think he was.  He said the mother, who was still in the building, was farther along then she thought, 16 weeks.  He said that he was trying to help the mother who was just coming out of some difficult times.  Now, she was on the right course, just finishing school - the timing of the pregnancy was not right.

Providentially, a mother holding her 5-month old precious daughter and a priest wearing his Roman Collar were standing by and started witnessing to the man about God's perfect timing for LIFE. 

All the while, the others on the sidewalk were praying for the mother who was in the abortuary.  We looked up and saw her leaving the building and coming towards us.  She didn't have an abortion!

What was most curious about the encounter was that as they were leaving, the man said to me, "I could have sworn that when I was sitting in the car listening to you, I heard you call my name."  But, I didn't know his name.

The Holy Spirit was working through all of us!  We were truly ONE BIG FAMILY FOR LIFE!

His eyes were opened.  Now, he knows that taking someone to have an abortion is NOT the Christian thing to do.  He realizes that he would have been an accomplice to murder had we not been there for him. 

Her heart was softened. She realized that God's timing is the best timing, that we should thank God for ALL things!

Our newfound family members expressed their gratitude by honking the horn and waving to us as the THREE of them drove away, far away from the abortuary. 

Praise God!