Reason We Hadn't Heard Before

Today, we heard a reason to have an abortion we had never heard before. 

A biracial couple was standing close to the door of the abortion facility.  We called out to them, inviting them to talk with us.  It was a one-way conversation for about five minutes, and, then, we noticed that the couple was walking toward us. 

There were four of us involved in the conversation on the sidewalk, Mom, Dad, FFL she and FFL he.  The dad was a white man and the mom was biracial.  Everyone respected each other as we talked.

Dad:  Why are you here?

FFL she:  Because we don't want you to abort your baby.  Are you pregnant?

Mom:  Yes

Dad:  Why do you want us not to abort?

FFL she:  Because God created that baby.  Why do you want to abort it?

Dad:  Because it's hard for biracial kids.

FFL she:  There are millions of couples who would like to adopt your child.  What are your plans?  Do you plan to stay together?

Mom:  We are married.

FFL she:  This baby will have the best of you and the best of you. 

Dad:  The owner of the clinic told us not to talk to you.  Why are you here?

FFL she:  Because we love all of God's children, including your biracial baby!

Dad:  Do you get paid to be here?

FFL she:  No.  We are here, working for God, no earthly pay.  Do you believe in God?

Mom:  Oh, yes!

FFL she:  Then you know that God created this baby and wants it to live.

Mom:  But, I have 3 others at home and the youngest one is 3 months old.

FFL she:  How far along are you?

Mom:  10 weeks.

FFL he:  This is the size of the feet of your baby (and he puts "precious feet" on the collar of Dad's t-shirt) 

FFL she:  Then, you already have 3 biracial children.

Dad:  Yes, but they are all boys, and we are afraid that this one will be a girl, and it is more difficult for biracial girls than biracial boys.  The owner told us that it's OK to have an abortion and not to talk to you. 

FFL she:  What will we (FFL) lose if you have an abortion?  What will the owner lose if you don't have an abortion?

Dad and Mom:  $450!  She won't get our $450!

FFL she:  Yes, and YOU will lose your baby!

FFL he:  God loves your baby!

Before they left us to go back to the abortion facility, we told them that we would pray for them and "Chris," a name we gave their baby.

For the longest 10 minutes we've ever experienced under the noonday sun, we prayed fervently for this family, all of them.

Dad, Mom and "Chris" left the abortion facility, drove to the end of the driveway and stopped.  An excited Dad said, with his thumb up, the baby feet are right here, pointing to the visor.  He said, tell me again what you said about God loving our baby.


Dad exclaimed "Woo-hoo!" as he drove out of the parking lot, blowing his horn!

God bless you!